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Goodbye, Doctor! Hello, Doctor!!

I had been putting off watching the final two episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant. They would make me sad and I didn't want him to go. Now, this weekend, I finally watched THE END OF TIME and of course it made me sad and the Doctor didn't want to go either, but I still liked it very much.

An era has ended. David Tennant, you were a great Doctor and I will miss you very much!

On to the new ...
After seeing off the 10th Doctor I couldn't wait to check out  
Matt Smith was great in ELEVENTH HOUR. The story was funny, light, over the top and absolutely perfect. He was so sweet. I also like the new companion Amy Pond and the way they met (an kept meeting) was very original. Can't wait for the new episode on Saturday.

Credit to seekingwords for the use of her icon.

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