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Best of the Best j2-Fanfiction

For over 30 years I have been reading fanfiction, preferably with hot boy-on-boy action. There have been thousands of stories and many different fandoms. Many good stories, quite a few bad ones and a good number of excellent stories.
But every once in a while a story comes along that is just perfect, giving me everything I want at the moment I read it. Those I give the rating “Best of the Best”. Over the years I have found somewhere around 30 to 40 stories that fall in this category.

Now I have found another:

Smoke & Lightning: Heavy Metal Thunder
written by eviltwin & bloody_adorable.

This is a totally awesome J2-AU, including tatoos, motorcycles and great music.
There is “bad boy” Jared, riding a motorbike, his marvelous body covered with tatoos.
There is highschool-student Jensen, a good student, but being bullied at school and having problems with his father. They meet under interesting circumstances, changing their respective lives completely.
Jensen and Jared are adorable and the additional characters are great. The story is written so well, making the characters come to life and it is of epic proportion. It is sweet, funny, touching and filled with suspense.

The homepage includes pics and manips, videos, extra ficlets and awesome soundtracks. Also the whole novel in one handy pdf-file:

What makes me extremely happy is the fact, that this is only the first novel. The second one – Born to be Wild – is already finshed and a third one – City of Angels – is being written at the moment.

Thank you eviltwin and thank you bloody_adorable for writing and sharing this gem!
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