August 29th, 2012


New Fandom - Avengers

After a long absence from fandom and Livejournal I am now really glad to have three new fandoms that really make me happy!

I loved all of the Phase 1 Marvel movies, especially THE AVENGERS and all the lovely fanfiction that came from it.
My favorite character is Hawkeye and my favorite pairing Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, but I also enjoy Steve/Tony and many of the others. Also love the wonderful team stories that are showing up.


New Fandom - Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf took me quite by surprise.
I dind't pay much attention when it started showing on MTV. It was showing on MTV, so I didn't think it would be any good.

Then, a little while ago, I noticed all these stories for the show and links to some interesting interviews with Jeff Davis and the team. That made me curious and I am glad! The show had me hooked right from the first episode and I watched both seasons in a fairly short time. I am so glad they will be back for another, even longer season. :)
My favorite pairing is Derek/Stiles and I love all the nice stories available.


New Fandom - Grimm

I've watched the first season of Grimm and I really liked. I read quite a few stories that were available on AO3 and I was looking forward to the second season.

Now that I've seen the first two episodes of season 2 I am really, really liking this show very much. :)
The "Prince of the City" has caught my eye and I am kind of obsessing about him and about Sasha Roiz. I also like how the other characters have been developing and how Nick is starting to turn into a BAMF!Grimm and how can someone not love Monroe. :)


Okay, the picture is NOT Cpt. Renard, but I couldn't resist. ;)